In the coming years, fashion trends such as minimalism in clothing

Fashion is no longer about clothes you may or may not buy or fancy looks that you may or may not like – it’s about clothes that look good on others. Future trends such as clean lines and functional

Most of the fashion and clothing industry is based in the UK. The country has a strong cultural identity, which makes its brands and products very popular.

The United Kingdom has a reputation for high quality street style and for being on the cutting edge of fashion trends worldwide. The country also possesses some of the best designers in the world, meaning that it has an abundance of creative talent.

In addition to this, many retailers use fashionable items to attract customers to their stores because they are good values when compared with other products available within comparable price ranges. This means that people will gravitate towards these clothes if they see them on a model or a photo that they have seen online or sold in mainstream stores; this is known as ‘wearability’.

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