Fashion is one of the most important aspects of lifestyle

Global brands like Nike, Adidas, etc. have a major share in global fashion industry. Yet, there are less developed countries where this industry is less prevalent and its influence on society is not as obvious as in developed economies.

The whole world is talking about fashion, with or without clothes.

In this section we will focus on lifestyle. We will introduce the subject in a brief and informative way. In our opinion, it is a good time to introduce this topic because these days we see more and more women wearing fancy clothes than men. When it comes to fashion, you might not be able to tell if a woman wears leather trousers or lace up boots but she most certainly can offer you information on the latest trends and trends in fashion.

In the United Kingdom, there is a wide range of fashion and clothing related industries. All of them require a certain degree of taste and creativity. The industry is global in scope and has evolved rapidly over the years. The industry is mostly driven by people who are over the age of 20, with an average age of 25 yrs.

A fashion model can make millions and millions on their looks alone but to create just one effective look takes hundreds or thousands of hours that go unnoticed by most consumers. Model agencies charge very high percentages for this work, while fashion editors in publication also have to pay hefty amounts to be included on the pages they want to appear too in.

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